7 style tips on how to rock what you own


We´ve been talking a lot about fall lately. This might seem a bit exaggerated considering the fact that we are only at the end of July. However, fashion´s favourite season is already sneaking around a little and makes itself noticeable through chilly mornings and evenings. And although summer is great with its flowy dresses and sandals, we know you are secretly dreaming of blazers, scarfs and booties and can´t wait to wear them again. But before you hit the (online) stores, think about what you already have in your closet. There might be some pieces that can easily be repurposed and recombined and that will entirely transform and refresh your fall wardrobe. 
With this in mind, we have some cool style tips for you that might prevent you from buying new stuff and make you want to work with what you actually have. 



Wearing a scarf around your neck? How boring! This fall you should put your scarf everywhere else apart from there. What about wearing your favourite pashmina crossbody? Or a silky one around your head? Or what about adding a brooch or trying some crazy knotting? Just be creative and your fall outfits will get an instant upgrade. 

Olivia Palermo wearing a yellow scarf - street style - fashion week


Who said all white is just something you could pull off in summer? Overall white or cream outfits are elegant, classy and definitely appropriate for fall. Don´t be scared of the rain or muddy weather though. An umbrella or rainboots can be nice accessories to complement your look en blanc.

fashionista_all white outfit_Transparent umbrella_Street Style


We are used to muted and dark colours in fall. Camel, oxblood, bottle green or anthracite are our go-to tones from September onwards. Why not wear bold colours and colour combinations? This will not only brighten up your outfits, but also your mood! 

Street Style_fashion week_spotted acid green dress_red ankle boots


We are sure your boyfriends, brothers or dads have one of these lying around somewhere. Look for it, steal it and wear it! It will give your outfit a nice pop of colour or pattern and will (literally) be a game changer!

it girl_street style_fashion week_football team_scarf


Get yourself ready for the wild, wild west! A hat, some western-inspired boots, wide leg pants and an attitude as cool as a cowgirl´s one is all you need to master this look! And don´t worry, you can still get around town in an Uber instead of riding a horse. 

showgoer_western style_hat_fashion week_Street style_


You either love yellow or you hate it, there is nothing in between. If you are on the hate side, we are sorry, there is nothing we can do for you. If you like yellow though, but merely see it as a summer colour, we have something to tell you. Yellow is going to be your new companion in fall! It matches the typical fall colours (like a dark red, brown or grey), but will also make your outfit stand out and give it that certain something. 

Caro Daur_yellow turtle neck_street style_fashion week_


Do you still wear your pullover? Well, this fall you should definitely not. Instead tie it around your waist or your neck (use it as a scarf, since you don´t use your scarf as a scarf anymore). Put it on top of your jacket or underneath – it really doesn´t matter as long as it looks unconventional and effortless. 

pullover_2.0_fashionista_fashion week_street style_

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