Instagram to follow: The Unique Illustration, a fashion illustration flashmob

Alice in Gucciland by @rssmcri  for forThe Unique Illustration

We love fashion, and we love illustration, what a joy it was, to have come across the fantastic Instagram The Unique Illustration!

The idea is fabulous; to unite fashion and illustrators from around the globe under the same roof, so to say.

Alina Zamanova and Maria Veronica, two creatives who had never met in person before, the first living in Ukraine, the other one in London, but had both the same love for illustration in common, created an Instagram flashmob. Here is how it works: the duo select a theme, that could be a cover of Vogue magazine starring Oprah or Cara Delevingne, a Gucci campaign, a fashion show etc., they also choose a specific day and time when all illustrators must post their unique artistic interpretation of this same theme, using the same hashtag. The Unique Illustration gathers then all the illustrations and posts them onto their account. It is fascinating to see side by side, so many different takes on the same brief, and to discover new underground illustrators from everywhere.

The Unique Illustration started a year ago after someone else created a one-off illustration flashmob. Zamanova and Veronica wanted to develop this idea, giving illustrators from around the world, especially unknown ones, a space to showcase their work.

The Instagram has already 3,245 followers and has created twelve flashmobs so far. The two artists behind this initiative are planning to expand their social media account, build a site and turn the platform into a business, but they say that “The main thing is that it continues to be free for everyone to contribute, but, because this is a freelance project, we need to see how this can work!”

Have a look at some of the fantastic illustrations made for The Unique Illustration flashmobs. Three different interpretations for “Alice in Gucciland” and “Diverse Beauty” staring Winnie Harlow:

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