7 Jewellery Instagrams we're in love with this week


Necklace by Bibi van der Velden 

 The power of a selfie! Instagram is becoming more and more THE place people go to look for inspiration. Our feeds are filled by the minute with hundreds, when not thousands, of fantastic pictures of cool people, styled with great clothes and gorgeous accessories, sometimes from new brands we don't even know.

For jewellery lovers, the App is paradise! The selfies Instagram celebrities take are the perfect frame for earrings and necklaces, so it's no coincidence that the current trends are statement earrings and layering of gold chains with charms. Also, the way the jewellery is styled in the pics, when well styled, will influence new trends. Take, for instance, the current trend of wearing only one earring or mix&matched earrings, that’s emerged from Instagram and overtook the jewellery market, which is now offering single earrings to the consumer. 

Instagram is also the perfect showroom for thousands of jewellery collectors and designers who can share there their creations with the world. Among so many, here are the 7 jewellery Instagrams we’re in love with this week, to help you choose your next pieces, one for each day of your week  ;-)

1 - Muse Showroom

MUSE is a boutique showroom that represents independent jewellery designers in NYC's West Village. Many of these designers are international, such as Silvia Furmanovich, that we love, and are exclusive to Muse in the US.



2 - FD Gallery

If you like amazing jewellery from the 20th century and contemporary too, this is the Instagram account for you! FD Gallery curates fabulous pieces from different designers. We're currently obsessed with the various Sabba earrings by the Italian designer Alessandro Sabbatini that they showcase. 



3 - Bibi van der Velden 

Born in New York and raised in England and the Netherlands, Bibi van der Velden studied sculpture in Florence, Italy, before launching her brand of amazing jewellery made with recycled and organic materials such as 40.00-year-old Mammoth ivory or preserved beetle wings.



Repost from @twistonline of some of our favorite galaxy pieces ?????

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4 - Suzanne Belperron

This is the account of the legendary jewellery designer Suzanne Belperon, whose archive and name was bought by Ward Landrigan, the former chairman of the jewellery department at Sotheby's to relaunch the brand in New York. This Instagram is really worth checking, daily if you must!



5 - Marla Aaron 

Based in New York, Marla Aaron is a jewellery designer obsessed with hardware. Her collections of locks have an industrial feel but are in gold, some are covered in precious stones. The locks can be worn together with the wearer's chains and necklaces to transform them into something new.




Opals 5 ways. Mother Nature is all about choice.

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6 - Stellene Volandes

Editor-in-Chief at Town and Country, Stellene Volandes began working for the glossy magazine in 2011 as jewellery and accessories director. She is also the author of "Jeweler: Masters, Mavericks, and Visionaries of Modern Design". Being an expert, you can be sure to see the most dazzling jewels on her Instagram!  




The search for lost jewels-masterpieces recorded in a company archive that might be hidden in a family safe somewhere in the world or in an auction misidentified-fascinates me. It's a high stakes scavenger hunt with a James Bond soundtrack. The major houses have all created heritage departments to scour the world for these missing treasures . I'll be speaking about these "jewelry detectives" on October 26 @lecolevancleefarpels in New York with @vintagejewelboy-but got to witness the spoils of @bulgariofficial's constant quest to recover pieces of their grand heritage. This 1973 diamond and sapphire pendant is on display in the by appointment only Domus room at the Via Condotti flagship. Others can be seen in a blockbuster Bulgari exhibit opening this week at the Kremlin Museum. Did I try it on? See stories. #rome #lostjewels #bulgari

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7 - Rozet & Fischmeister

The Austrian jewellery house was established in 1770 and has been, so far, in the hands of the same family for 6 generations. The shop, in the heart of Vienna, offers pieces of vintage and antique jewellery as well as sophisticated and innovative gold and silver pieces, which have already won them several awards. Check their Instagram for amazing jewellery with stunning diamonds, tourmalines and sapphires you will dream of!