I need these items in my baggage for my next trip

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I’m spending a few days in Paris before going to the countryside, it is a very short trip so I want to pack clever, taking only the essentials, but because being practical and comfortable doesn’t mean being unstylish, here are a few items that I need in my baggage now and also in my summer vacations.

Skating luggage

Airports are huge, so I need wheeled luggage, of course, because finding someone willing to carry your suitcase might be a tad more complicated! You should choose a suitcase with at least, four, but better eight, in-line skate polyurethane wheels that move to any direction, the “spinners” are easier to manoeuvre and you can do it with the luggage standing straight up, which is less tiring than having to tip the luggage towards you. The stylish Floyd hard shell suitcases are made in Germany with excellent quality materials and clever packaging solutions that will make your life so much easier! The bold colours paired with bright red wheels are inspired by the ’70s skateboarding culture of the Californian Venice beach. The cabin version meets the regulation size to avoid embarrassing check-in moments and looks so cute I want one in every colour!

Photo @floyd

Jet-setter cellphone

To get my cellphone ready for the trip too, the cute Rimowa iPhone cases modelled after the famous aluminium suitcases are just what I need. The Aluminum Groove Cases come with a shockproof perimeter band that protects it and makes it easier to hold your phone while rushing over the gate not to miss your flight because once again, you got distracted in the free shop.

Photo @Rimowa

Stylish airport shoes

So yes, you have to do a lot of walking in most airports with unending terminals and you need comfortable shoes for what feels like a marathon to me. But let’s not forget style, please. The Italian Furla, known for its chic bags, has just launched an equally chic sneakers collection with three models that look beautiful with a clean ‘70s design. I especially like the Furla Hikaia with pastel baby-blue or baby-pink soles. They’re perfect for the airport transit and you won’t arrive at your destination looking like you’ve just run a marathon, plus, you will be able to wear your stylish sneakers wherever you are, so it’s one pair of shoes less in your baggage!

Photo @Furla

On the Road Again

The French beauty label Codage has a ready-to-wear skincare routine perfect to fight jet-lag and the stress caused to your skin by the changes in temperature and environment. The On The Road Again set contains micellar water, a serum, a day creme and night cream to nourish and protect your skin, they come in handy containers that are just the right travelling size, to help you come out of the plane looking fresh and radiant.

Photo @Codage

Beauty Sleep

And talking about fresh and radiant, nothing beats the good old beauty sleep. Even during short trips, I try to take advantage of the free time ahead to rest a bit. To help me fall asleep, I wear the chic SlipSilk eye mask that is made in luxurious mulberry silk and is super comfortable.

Photo @Slip