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Women over 50 are not feeling invisible any more thanks to the changes happening in the fashion and beauty industries, or is it the other way round?

We see more and more mature women embracing naturally the changes that come with time instead of trying to hide them as they did in the past. Sophie Fontanel, the French Instagramer we all love, and the British Vogue UK editor Sarah Harris, for example, show their long grey hair proudly, and models of all ages are walking down the catwalk in all fashion weeks.



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As we told you several months ago in our article "Guess what, the new fashion influencer is plus 50", the world is looking with new eyes at older women, and they are right in doing so.

Women over 50 are consumers who know what they want. They want to be seen and want brands to respect them. Called by Forbes Magazine the “ultimate super consumer”, they account for around 50% of all consumer spending in the U.K. In the U.S., they control 95 % of household purchasing decisions. They account for the largest demographic of incomes over $100,000.



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In the past, women 50+ didn’t feel represented in fashion and beauty advertising, but this has been slowly changing. In fact, companies are working towards making age-inclusive adds to celebrate beauty in women of all ages. Lancôme, for example, re-hired Isabella Rossellini to be the label’s global ambassador at age 63, after having fired her when she turned 43 for being “too old”. On the other hand, Dior still shows a young Cara Delevingne in the campaign for its anti-ageing creams, causing, of course, mayhem among the consumers who actually buy the products. Women are tired of ageism in adds that set unrealistic beauty ideals, and they are finally being heard.



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There's a definite shift in the industry to cater to the “fiftysomethings” who want to enhance their natural beauty instead of hiding wrinkles. Companies are showing stylish women in campaigns that go viral in the web, like MAC’s #whatsyourthing, Pantene’s #PowerOfGrey, and Dove with the now-famous "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign that showed women in 2013, that they were more beautiful than they thought. 

The beauty industry has also been adapting its language. Allure Magazine, for example, banned in 2017 the term “anti-ageing” from its pages, and the following year, the Royal Society for Public Health in the U.K asked for cosmetics to stop using this term.



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Social media has helped older women to gain visibility. Their Instagram accounts are followed by thousands of people who look up to these confident, stylish and modern ladies, and want beauty tips and tricks from older women.

Here are some of the beauty products they are using:


Beauty is less about age and more about attitude, so keep rocking your joy of life and enjoy the ride!

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