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We here at Notorious are already a bit sick of summer clothes and last week´s 36 degrees finally made us surrender. There is honestly no way of looking all fancy and put together during this intense heat. Sweat stains and sticky clothes turned from an exception to a daily accompaniment and are a real nightmare, when actually all we want is to wear our black-on-black looks. We want to feel like real (sweat-free) humans again and not base our outfit decisions on the amount of sweat we might perspire. Since the heatwave is probably not going to stop any time soon though, we came up with some ideas on how to make our black pieces appropriate for the high temperatures. 

For black outfits goes the same as for all the other ones during the hotter months: the looser, the better. Tight clothes will make you sweat just by looking at them, so make sure to choose wide and flowy pieces on 30+ degree days.

How to wear black during a heatwave

When you work out, you sweat. So why not wear your cycling shorts to the office or a brunch date. The high tech materials are made for extreme temperatures and will at least prevent you from nasty sweat stains!

How to wear black during a heatwave

We don´t tell you anything new by saying that crop tops are your best friend in summer. So, if you have any black t-shirts or tank tops, just cut them off, pair them with some high waisted culottes or a mini (midi for more formal events) skirt and you won´t feel like a hot mess anymore.

How to wear black during a heatwave


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