Cue: Accessories!


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The Jägerball is just right around the corner and you might be getting your Dirndl back out of the closet for the hunters' ball, which is the only time you will be able to go to a ball in the Vienna Hofburg without a ball gown, since the dress code asks for the Austrian traditional costume, the Dirndl. 
Wearing a Dirndl is always bound to some rules. The skirt should at least, cover your knees, the fabrics should be made out of natural high-quality materials and the bow, tied according to your relationship status. A lot to remember, huh? But since the rules have become less strict over the last couple of years, you can dare to try something new. That old pair of ballet flats, the woollen cardigan or the discreet jewellery that you normally pair with your Dirndl are getting a bit boring anyway. 

However, accessories can turn a traditional look into something really personal and unique. To get some inspiration, you might want to examine other culture´s or time era´s accessories and make use of them for your own look. Most important thing: get creative! Tradition might be strongly connected to boundaries, but fashion is not and that´s why we would like to show you the coolest accessories to match with your Dirndl.

These pumps are made for walking - and for dancing!

Which shoes do you normally wear with your Dirndl? Elegant flats, basic boots or if you are courageous, a pair of sneakers. They all work in some way, but for the Jägerball, you will need something more glam, to make your outfit a little more exciting. For the younger ones, be ready to dance barefoot since, after midnight, Vienna's Jeunesse Dorée will toss their heels to dance comfortably until the wee hours. Open-toe shoes are a NO-GO.


Embroidery is a girl's best friend

You thought wearing a denim or leather jacket with your Dirndl was groundbreaking? Well, you thought wrong. Take your traditional outfit game to the next level with an embroidered jacket. The folklore inspired outerwear pieces will add some nice details to more modest Dirndl dresses and are definitely an eyecatcher.


The bigger, the better

When it comes to jewellery a lot of women wear the classic choker with its velvet band and the brass or silver pendant in combination with their Dirndl. For a different look, you should choose something a bit bolder. Chunky golden necklaces, bracelets or earrings embellished with beads or rhinestones have something indigenous that contrasts completely with the traditional Austrian clothing. But please, don´t wear all of those striking accessories at the same time, choose one (or maybe two), because dressing up should really be saved for Fasching.