Holidays approaching


As the holiday season is upon us (not to mention wedding season, also a big fan of traveling light when it comes to destination weddings and bachelorette parties), there is so much to plan and so much to fit into a hand luggage. And with 'so much', I mean everything you might want to bring with you that does not take up space in the form of items you are never (ever) going to wear on holidays. Got the formula? Right, here we go. Here is how to pack smart, in 5 simple rules.

Think in compartments

We have said it once and we'll say it again: think day, evening, and night, the latter meaning party attire. It is important to have one outfit choice per compartment per day, but do mix and match your options: the same shorts can go well with your beach top as well as with your metallic one for the night.

Don't take strangers (from your wardrobe)

If you haven't worn it so far, there is a good chance you still won't in Gran Canaria. Save up on space and bring what you look your best & feel your best in.

Avoid too many options

It's good to have a choice, but it's better to just accept that a suitcase is not a wardrobe. A suitcase is a reduced, possibly more functional version of a wardrobe. Pack with this notion in mind.

Light is good

Maybe you'll realize one particular evening would have been just perfect to sport that outfit you have left behind, or that particular pair of plateaus you decided was one too many. But the heartbreak will pass soon, as soon as you come back home worry-free without hauling your luggage down the airport's stairs.

Weigh your luggage before

You might also think you did it right, but just make sure. You don't want surprise fees at the airport.


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