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We live in a fast world. Apart from the food that we (love to) eat, also fashion has become a fast business. Most clothes are not made to last long, at least not the ones that are affordable for the average. But there are some tricks and care instructions that help to extend the lifespan of your favourite pieces and in this article, we would like to share these useful tips with you!

Underwear and Swimwear

Elastic bands tend to lose elasticity with every time they are washed in the machine. Better is, to wash intimates by hand and just gently rub them with a mild detergent or even shampoo.

After the use of swimwear, it should always soak in neutral water, as chlorine and salt water strain the fabric a lot. 


For t-shirts, it's enough to wash them with cold water. By smoothing it down before air-drying it, you will in most cases be able to avoid ironing. And: Don't store or dry your tops hanging! Hangers will leave ugly hanger marks on the shoulders and they stretch them too much. For (dress) shirts it's the other way when drying them on hangers, they keep their shape and straighten a little so that ironing gets easier. 


Unlike tops, pants and trousers usually don't need to be washed often. Keep in mind, that however you do it, there is always a risk that pants shrink a little bit when they are washed for the first time. Always remember that when you buy them. Pieces of Denim need very little cleaning in general, as they are very dirt-resistant. If you put them in the machine, turn the inside out to minimize lost of color. For storing pants in the closets, it makes a huge difference in how you do that: Put the heaviest pairs to the bottom and lighter ones on top of them. 


Most of the 'rules' for jewellery are commonly know, but not followed. First of all, storage is everything. Untangling necklaces stresses the material and often requires hard pulling, that is not doing good to the materials. Second, always take off your jewels for doing sports and sleeping. Even if the materials allows it, there is always the risk that you get caught on your hair for example.

Also, when you put on your jewellery in the morning, do so AFTER you put on your clothes to avoid unnecessary pushing, pulling and replacing. Silver is more likely to deform as you may think and with age gets thinner and thereby more likely to break.


Keep the dust bags that usually come with bags when you buy them and use them for storage and travel. Leather and other upper material of bags will be protected from scratches and other damages that can occur. To keep a bag's shape, it is advisable to stuff them whenever they are not in use. For transporting them in a suitcase, you can, for example, stuff them with underwear, socks or a jumper. Try to avoid exposing your bags to too much light and heat. So keep them rather in your closet than somewhere exposed in your room. 


Use shoe horns and don't toss them into a pile. Once shoes look smushed and wrinkled, they tend to break and rip easier and they look old and worn out very quickly. By cleaning the shoes on a regular basis, they will keep their original colour much longer. If you wait until they are completely dirty, you will probably not be able to make them look new. Different materials need different treatments. Only for leather, there are a million care products, so make sure to use the right one. To remove a stain, you would certainly not use impregnation oil. Shoes that get wet and dirty should be cleaned before drying them, in order to avoid the white marks that can occur when cleaning leather. 

For re-newing heels at the shoemaker, don't wait until the heel is completely worn down. When it has come that far, parts of the upper heel are probably also already damaged. 

Some General Tips:

    - Don't wash too often

    - Dry as gentle as possible, avoiding too much heat (also for ironing and washing!)

    - Weapon up against moths

    - Take care of lost buttons, little holes and seams coming apart immediately (it only gets worse!)

    - Always try gentle cleaning first, before drawing on toxics

Photo via Green Clean Store Wien with Valentina Schatzer