Hit the slopes in style


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We're looking forward to hitting the slopes in style, so we've already scoured the internet in search of the perfect skiwear to look fabulous this ski season! Luckily, winter 2020 offers many options, and we're quite excited about the beautiful skiwear selection we're about to show you.

Audrey Hepburn looks fab in skiwear

Whether you’re the sporty type and can't wait to attack the powder or you're more into the après-ski scene and just love sipping Vin Brulé while chatting with friends and enjoying the mountain sun, one thing is sure: in our book, ski season means chic glamour!  And our snow-muse is, of course, the incredibly stylish Audrey Hepburn in the movie Charade.

Things to consider when choosing skiwear

Choose brands that are known for high-tech functional clothes, which are essential on the slopes. You want to stay dry and warm even after a few hours skiing. And of course, you don't want to look like the Michelin Man, mainly because you'll already be feeling like him, after all the Christmas celebrations! If you value eco-friendly clothes, brands like Picture use recycled plastic bottles to make sustainable high-performance skiwear.

Trends for 2020 winter

Even on the highest mountain tops, fashion enthusiasts can look stylish. We hand-picked retro bib ski pants that go hand-in-hand with the back to the '90s trend. Patterned and multi-coloured fabrics or sharp looks with neon details are contemporary, fun and good for visibility in the snow, and one colour that we will start seeing everywhere is olive green. Also, the newest trend that is picking up quickly among ski-aficionados is the pullover-style anorak like the ones by Oakley; the lack of zipper in the front makes it more difficult for the cold to creep in, and skiers find the anorak's big frontal pocket more practical than the side pockets.

Our selection

Mammut, the Swiss heritage label, is a safe bet for excellent skiwear with ethical production. More affordable, Protest is a great label from Holland that makes fashionable and functional sportswear, basically, a cheaper version of the super stylish Moncler. The French eyewear company Julbo, founded in 1888, makes high-performance ski googles you can trust. Picture is a sustainable label from source materials to packaging and shipping, and the Canadian Arc'teryx also ensures that its high-quality products are ethically made. Kaari Traa, the Norwegian former Olympic freestyle skier, creates very cool skiwear for her namesake women's label. The Canadian Arc'teryx is another brand that ensures its high-quality products are ethically made, and some models are quite wallet-friendly. From Colorado, Spyder is your go-to label for cool designs.



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