Flawless skin: a dream never to see come true? Not so fast, darling. Turns out, you don't need all that foundation to keep your skin camera-ready. Sure, a safe layer of perfect skin in a tube might make you feel safe, but isn't it nicer to just go about the world without having to cover anything up?

Also, another important point needs now to be raised: summer is coming. And you know what doesn't go well with afternoons in the pool and sun tanning? Yep: foundation. So we believe it's time to take a look on how to get flawless skin, without any help from your dear friend makeup.

Eat & drink right

I know, I know: this one is always here in most of our beauty advice pieces. And it's because there is no escape to this one truth: you are what you eat (and drink). So make sure to eat foods rich in fiber and drink plenty to keep your skin hydrated.

Don't pick, for heaven's sake

One of the hardest things to do is stop picking at your skin. But, if your mission is getting that flawless skin, you need to keep those hands away from your face. Cons of picking at your face: it can cause infections, leave scars and make the pimple situation worse. Pros: none.


Want smoothness all-year round? Exfoliate! You can use chemical products or a good ol' brush, it really depends on your type of skin. Ask your dermatologist.

Moisturize with facial cream or oil

Moisturizing creams and oils improve your skin's elasticity, and it keeps it hydrated. Consider starting to use moisturizer more often if you are the whole day closed in an office with air conditioning this summer -- or in any other situation that might contribute to making your skin dry. Note: oil takes a little longer to be absorbed, so make sure to give yourself some time in the morning, so that you don't show up to work with a shiny face.

Tone it up, if you must

Toners re-balance your pH after washing your face or exfoliating. But you gotta be careful: depending on your face wash and exfoliator, some toners might actually just have the opposite effect. Check with your dermatologist if wash and moisturizer aren't enough already.