No need for maxed out credit cards!


What Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Letizia, Queen of Spain and Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden have in common? The three crowned beauties and almighty girls wear very often the best example of fast fashion. They proudly show up in official events and trips looking absolutely gorgeous in fast fashion clothes that disappear from the shelves in a few hours after they wore them, and we still think we need a million budget to be chic and elegant. Do you remember Zara trousers that Kate Middleton wore in her trip to India? It became a classic. 
But how to choose the right piece that will make you look like a princess? Since you don’t have a private secretary with a stylist-degree, better read this article until the end.

Number 1 to remember: you’re looking for an outfit that isn’t expensive, not one that is cheap! And here are what you have to take into consideration while shopping:


rosa linen blazer j.crew

1- The material:

Some fast-fashion stores are able to copy designers collections as soon as the models are out on the catwalk, but somehow, when you try the clothes on they never seem to look as good as they should. Why is that? Well, you can copy the look, the trend even the patterns and colours, but if the fabric is cheap, it will totally ruin the garment. 

cotton and linen

Natural fabrics such as silk and cashmere are wonderful, but you can also choose more affordable natural fabrics like cotton and linen that look absolutely chic and are durable so that you won’t have to throw them away after a few washes.

Faux suede and faux-leather

If you choose these man-made fabrics, they should be of good quality and not too inexpensive so that you can’t tell if it’s real or fake. This is a good option for a luxurious look.

blue faux-suede dress without sleeves 


Velvet always has a je ne sais quoi kind of regal, nice velvet trousers or a good jacket can work wonders for your look.


Although it is a synthetic fabric, it is widely used nowadays in more affordable clothes and you have different kinds of polyester, the ones with higher quality can look quite good, so again, avoid those that are too inexpensive.


Acrylic is a synthetic fabric that really doesn’t withstand the wear and tear and loses its shape after only a few washes, plus, it isn’t warm enough for winter. 


Another synthetic fabric we do not recommend, it ruins easily so it must be dry-cleaned if you don’t want it to look as cheap as it is after the first wash, it wrinkles and it’s too shiny. It’s a no-go!

2- The cut:

A good cut is almost as important as a good material.

Your clothes should fit you perfectly, not too tight nor too loose. A good cut allows the fabric to hang on your body in the most flattering way and makes you feel comfortable in it.

sartorial blue cotton trouser -Mango

3- The style:

Minimalistic and classic styles are timeless and always chic. You can’t go wrong with simple outfits made with good materials and an excellent cut.

Monochromatic clothes or in neutral tones look more expensive and sophisticated, just think of Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn in their plain but absolutely fabulous little black dresses!

You don’t need to follow every new trend, you can always update your classic outfits with trendy accessories. 



lila mules midi heels jeffrey campbell

Ah, the shoes, don’t we all love them? Nice shoes can make or break your look.

1- The material

Pay attention to the quality of the materials used.


Again, natural materials are much better than synthetic ones and any pair of leather shoes look way more elegant and more expensive than synthetic ones. 


Cavallino, or pony hide, is a very nice material that looks fab in shoes and bags.It is made to look like horse hair and is an excellent choice because it is water-resistant and easy to clean, and you can find it in all colours and patterns such as the much-loved leopard.

2- The heels

Choose heels that are preferably lined and avoid at all costs cheap looking shoes with plastic heels, these are a total no-go.

3- The cut

Shoes must suit you and feel comfortable. Nothing says - and screams out loud - "cheap" like a woman who cannot walk properly because of hurting shoes!

3- The style

As with clothes, classical styles are the best, they look chic in any occasion and are the choice of the really rich.

Espadrilles are the best example of this, they are classic, timeless, elegant, comfortable and made with natural fabrics. In summer, royal feet and espadrilles are never too far one from another!

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