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Our workplace is where we spend most our time, whether we like it or not. Unless you are a hermit and work from a cave on the top of a mountain, you will need to build good relationships in your workplace, and good interpersonal relationships are based on trust. Trust is the base for excellent communication and environment among co-workers and motivation.

What exactly is trust?

Trust is that feeling of being able to rely on someone, to interact openly, without having to worry or to feel suspicious. According to experts trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. As Saint Thomas Aquinas tells us  “Men cannot live together if there is no mutual trust if they do not express the truth.”

What makes us trust someone?

There are two important points that will make you trust a person you work with: 

1- when you perceive in the other a capability of performing competently that is needed at that moment.

2-  when you recognize that the person’s intentions and yours are both motivated by a same unifying mission instead of by motives that would serve only one. 

How can we increase the reliance level

Trust is something that must be built since the beginning. To have other people trust you, never talk about someone who is not present, the others will think that if you do that to one, you will do the same to the other co-workers too and they will never trust you again.
Always be frank and transparent when communicating, mean what you say and explain the reasons behind decisions in any situation. Be ready to give constructive feedback. Keep your word and commitments but if by any chance you cannot keep them, explain ASAP why. When you don’t know something, do not pretend you do.

Why is it so important to have trust in your workplace

When people trust each other, they can communicate openly and thus, more effectively and with the right intention, which makes things so much easier, really. You will be able to go straight to the point and solve problems or situations that you would otherwise take ages. 
It is also through trust in others and in the company your work for that you can achieve a positive teamwork environment and can take calculated risks to improve the service or product you provide.