How and why to wear the hottest street style trend: hair accessories

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Along with all the beautiful outfits for A/W 2019 that we’ve seen during Fashion Week in New York, London and Milan, not only on the catwalks but also in the streets, one major trend is evident: hair accessories are a must for the trendy show-goers and fashion enthusiasts.

So take a cue from fashion editors and Instagrammers and wherever you go, make sure you finish your look with some hair accessory for a contemporary and cool look; hair barrettes with pearls or crystals, rhinestone clips and headbands, like the oversized headbands Prada presented and that Catherine Duchesse of Cambridge has been wearing ever since.

Why wear hair accessories?

There are many reasons why this trend has become so popular in the fashion circuit. First of all, it is extremely easy and anyone can wear, no matter how short or long, curly or straight your hair is. It is fun. It’s low-commitment; you won’t have to make any big investment to buy the accessory of the moment. It gives you a polished and glam look with no effort.

How to wear hair accessories?

Barrettes and clips add playfulness to any look and are great for a polished hairdo. You can wear as many as you want and mix & match different sizes and materials. You’re free to use your imagination to create geometric shapes such as “X” or “V” with barrettes or even bobby pins, and place them in a row from the top of your head down to your ears or around your head like a crown, the options are endless.

Headbands are really easy to wear. Big satin ones look chic and add instant glamour to any hairdo. You can wear your Alice band with short or long hair, with your hair down or in a sleek ponytail, as Gigi Hadid in Prada’s campaign:

Here is a selection to help you get the hottest look of the moment:



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