Daylight Saving Time and the coolest watches


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 Yesterday ended the Daylight Saving Time, have you remembered to change all your watches one hour back? 

Besides the wonderful one extra hour of sleep on Sunday 28th when Europe changes the clocks one hour back, do you know what are the reasons we do that?

What is Daylight Saving Time?

Since 1916, the Summer Time Act introduced the idea of changing the clocks to save electricity by better using the summer daylight, so by moving the clocks forward; you add one extra daylight hour to your evening, which boosts tourism and commerce and increases the time for outdoor leisure activities. Also, people use less artificial light, saving energy. In Fall, the clocks go back to standard time. More than 70 countries still use the Daylight Saving Time.

Does it work?

Maybe in the past, this was a good idea, but in our modern life, with or without daylight, we use computers, TV, air-conditioning, so in reality, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Plus, several studies have shown the negative impacts of these time changes on people who can sometimes take up to four weeks to adapt to the new time. 

Will the changing clocks end?

After a survey showing that 80% of Europeans were against time changes, the European Commission recommends the EU members state to abandon the Daylight Saving Time, so this may be the last time our clocks go back!

With or without Daylight Saving Time, we think what’s important is that you are on time because as they say: “La ponctualité est la politesse des Rois”, or "punctuality is the virtue of kings". To do so in style, here are some beautiful watches that will help you never be late again: 


Cheers, CS