Without Feeling Disguised


There are two occasions each year for which it’s officially appropriate to dress up in costumes: Carnival and Halloween. What makes Halloween so special among these two is the topic. Deriving from a historical background, this holiday is all about scariness, creeps, and shivering. Nowadays the origins, deriving from an Irish custom, are almost forgotten. What is left, is ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, skulls, bats, and vampires. For those who are really and with their full hearts into this ‘Horror’, Halloween is always over way too soon. Would you like to have it all year long? No problem. 
We found a way to bring the spookiness of October 31st to our everyday looks – without dressing up! How is this possible? By including a little bit of it in your daily outfit, in the most possible fashionable way. Alexander McQueen’s preference for skulls made its silk scarf an it-piece of fashion, last winter Gucci launched its Ghost Collection that we still can’t get enough of. So, designers proofed, that is a hundred percent ok to wear those Halloween-themed pieces throughout the year and we want to follow this advice now and encourage you to do the same. Also if you don’t feel like fully dressing up, those items will serve you perfectly!
Together with our recommendations for the top makeup products to use for Halloween and beyond you will get that full (well, almost) Halloween feeling whenever you want! 

Teaser Image by Wildfox