To Mix Or Not To Mix…


Detox to and fro – healthy juices and smoothies in gross colors are THE trend of the moment. Starting from ginger shots over smoothie bowls up to 10-day juice cleanses. As long as it’s healthy, liquid and includes any kinds of fruits or vegetables, it’s a trend. When did this happen? And what about indulgence? Aren’t we allowed to treat ourselves anymore from time to time? Well, if the new hype is teaching us something, it is, that we ARE by all means, but in a (most possible) healthy way. Superfoods taste delicious and they are processed in many different ways. The industry is flourishing, whereby it’s hard, if not impossible, to follow up all the new products. One of our latest finds in the supermarket shelf is called HAKUMA. It was not least the memorable name that caught our attention, but also the conspicuous design of the glass vial, which made us hit the bottle. 

The taste could be best described as a mix of ice tea and juice – very refreshing, but tasteful, not washy. It has a sweet note, but also a harsh, slightly bitter one. 

Not overwhelmed of numerous mixed fruity ingredients (like it unfortunately happens with many Juices), it is a drink that you could easily have tons of, without getting sick of it. And it’s only 6 ingredients, which are responsible for this deliciousness: Mango, matcha, lemon, ginger, agave, and baobab. Useless to say, that it’s organic and all natural. 

Hakuma was founded by three young guys in Vienna last year. After experimenting with Matcha powder they decided that their new invention was just too delicious to not be shared with the world – thank god! Within less than a year the drink made its way to supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and coffees all over Austria. Plus, they take online orders.
Besides being the to-go drink to put in the bag, we discovered another way for us of having Hakuma: It’s perfect for cocktails. Mixed with vodka this will definitely be the hit at your next party. Forget after-party detoxing. We do both coincidentally. 

Pictures via Facebook