Great Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas

5. Dezember 2018

Photo via Shutterstock

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Need some Christmas gift ideas for your best friend? We hand-picked some great presents so that you can show how much you care. We know BFF has become kind of an overused expression, mainly because of teens calling anyone they’ve just met, their best friend! But that’s not what we mean. So, what defines a real best friend?

The best friend is that person you can talk to about just anything. Someone you talk to as freely as you would to yourself. That friend you meet for coffee not to chit-chat about other people’s lives but to talk about your plans, your successes and your failures too. Will your best friend always say what you want to hear? No, not always. Will your best friend always do what you want her to do? Nope again. But she will definitely say and do what’s best for you. So basically, you could think of your best friend as a mirror, and sometimes, as the bitter medicine you have to take, which you may not like but deep inside, you know it’s for your best!

If you want your best friend to look as cool as the Scottish actress Tilda Swinton, who turned heads at the opening of the Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and other Treasures exhibition at the Kunst Historisches Museum in Vienna, these Prada green gloves will do the trick


Is your best friend a David Bowie fan? This cute lightning bolt brooch will make her think she’s in Mars with Ziggy Stardust himself


If you want to show how much you appreciate your best friend putting up with you even in your most embarrassing or annoying moments, wish her all the luck in the world with this lucky clover earrings


What better way to send all your love to your BFF than with a heart printed pouch where she can carry her most valuable possessions, AKA cell phone and lipstick?


Does your best friend like her bling? With this cute bowl with a golden heart, she will always know where her sparkling trinkets are


Why not state the obvious with this keyring with the two-best-friends-dancing emoji?


Is your best friend a bit mischievous? Pay her back by daring her to go to her Christmas family reunion with her keys hanging from this fun keyring