Best products to avoid looking like a zombie during the Holiday Season


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Remembering last years’ string of Holiday Season parties that involved maybe a bit too much booze and definitely, a lot of lack of sleep, causing those dreadful dark circles that made us look like zombies, we decided to do something about it. We've set up to find out how to avoid, or at least, how to get rid of the unwelcome and unflattering circles without having to decline all invitations, move away to a cave on the top of the highest mountain and become a hermit.


Number one rule: water and sleep

Our bodies need to be hydrated. Drink plenty of water, especially when having some drinks, to help your circulatory system work properly, and of course, try to get enough sleep! Keep reading to check our favourite secret weapons against puffy eyes and dark circles, so that you too, can enjoy the party season looking fresh as a rose:

1 - Derma-roller, jade-roller and serum


Micro rolling or micro-needling may seem scary, but rest assure you can use the roller with tiny needles without bleeding or screaming in pain. It increases up to 90% the absorption of the serum you’re supposed to apply with the roller, and the results are immediate and visible. Make sure you buy a derma-roller with needles size 0.3 millimetre or less and avoid combining the roller with serums containing vitamin C or retinol as they can irritate the skin, choose instead those with hyaluronic acid or peptides. Serums containing Retinol are effective to brighten the area under the eyes too. If you hate the idea of needles, you can use instead of a jade roller or gua-sha, although the results are not as visible as with the derma-roller.


2 - Eye Patches and eye-gel

Eye patches that refresh and hydrate the under-the-eye zone are in general very soothing, and for a better effect, lay down still for a few moments, not only you’ll avoid the patches sliding off but also you’ll feel already more relaxed! Choose the ones containing anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as caffeine, and with moisturising such as hyaluronic.


3 - Eye-cream

The thinner the skin under your eyes, the more it shows the blood vessels hence the purplish circles. Eye-creams that strengthen this delicate skin can improve its appearance. Caffeine minimises puffiness, vitamin B3 and vitamin C minimise the dark circles.


Have fun!