The bells are ringing!


Now that the days are getting warmer and the sun is shining, we know that the Wedding Season is just around the corner!

You will probably start receiving wedding invitations - if you haven’t already - and must, of course, start thinking about your looks.

If you are a newbie to weddings and are not sure about the do’s and don’ts, we have some very useful tips for you here.

And to help you decide which outfit to wear on these happy celebrations, we prepared a list of what you should and shouldn't wear to the special day, so keep reading.

First of all, before choosing your look, see if there is a dress code on the invitation. Follow strictly this code.

Also, pay attention to the wedding’s location and time, if it’s an informal event at noon on the beach you won’t wear the same kind of outfit you would wear to an elegant affair at 6 pm at the city’s Cathedral. Use your common-sense.

Do wear Floral

Because most weddings happen now in Spring, floral dresses are the perfect option.Block-colour dresses are also great as long as they are in bright happy colours.

LaDouble J Flower dress

Do not wear white

Although this seems quite obvious, you wouldn’t believe how many women choose white or off-white outfits. Don’t do that! The only woman wearing white at a wedding should be the bride. That’s a terrible faux-pas and people might think you are competing with the bride on her special day, which is, hopefully, something you would not even think doing.

Midi length pale rose Zimmermann dress

Do not wear black

All-black outfits are extremely elegant but not really appropriate for a wedding as it is a happy occasion, not a funeral. So, unless you want to make sure that everyone notices you’re mourning for the loss of your love, who is at that same moment marrying another person, better avoid black.

Giambattista Valli red Gown

Do not wear “look at me” clothes.

Really tight and OTT sexy outfits are a no-go. Again, you do not want to compete with the bride on her special day so avoid dresses that would draw too much attention to yourself. Also, you don’t want to look vulgar or, even worse, desperate!

Zimmermann wrap ruffle dress

Do wear a hat

Hats add a special glamour to women's outfits and are very welcome at weddings. There are so many options, different sizes and shapes, choose a model that you feel comfortable with. You can decorate your hat with flowers, a brooch or why not, some feathers, but remember that the decoration goes on the right side of the hat.

You could wear a fascinator instead of a hat, especially if the event happens in the evening. By the way, did you know that there is a “hat etiquette” that says that the mother of the groom should never wear a bigger hat than the mother of the bride’s hat?

Pill box floral fascinator by rachel trevor morgan

Do wear a shawl

When attending a religious ceremony, dress accordingly in the church. If you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, it is “de bon-ton” to cover your shoulders with a nice shawl, which will, by the way, give an extra touch of charm and elegance to your outfit.

Avoid black and heavy shawls, choose instead a bright lively colour. If you’re wearing a floral dress or a dress with bold patterns, go for a plain one-colour shawl and vice-versa.