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There is a new it-bag brand, the Wandler bags. Maybe you still haven’t heard of it, but you surely must have seen them on Instagram photos of influencers and fashionistas.

The Dutch brand is quite new. It was launched by Elza Wandler in 2017 and is now in its 2nd season only, but these beautiful bags with architectural design, colourful leather, luxury quality and reasonable prices have already achieved a big success among bag lovers and are being sold at Brown’s, Net-a-Porter and other 15 stockists.

Wandler's belt bags Anna

Wandler studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where she learned that “business doesn’t stop after you make the product. There is a lot that comes with it like branding, image making, and social media.” 

She put into practice all she’d learned about branding in her studies and also during her previous job, as a designer at Levi’s, launching her bags with a beautiful online campaign made with Italian photographer Leonardo Scotti and stylist Georgia Tal.

Elza Wandler explains that she’s excited about mixing a super clean design with a “Versace look," and this balance between the two seemingly opposite styles is what makes the bags so easy to wear. And what makes them also so desirable is the great choice of colours, which she calls “intelligent colours” because they are created by mixing, for example, a hint of blue into grey instead of using a standard blue. The bags have contrasting linings so that the bold colours such as lemon yellow, orange, khaki green are balanced with soft hues. 

Wandler's colourful Hortensia bags

Her geometric designs are unique and modern but also classic and timeless, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to wear it for longer than one season. The Wandler bags are all made in Italy in fine leather. They are also very versatile; they come with a long strap to wear it cross-body or over your shoulder, that you can detach so to carry your bag by the handle.

Wandler's versatile Hortensia bags

Wandler's best-sellers are the trapeze bag Hortensia, which comes in 3 different sizes, and the belt bag Anna that looks like a little cute and colourful sculpture.

Fotos via Instagram