An unexpected beauty trend.


For years, every girl with freckles was trying to cover them up. Using tons of makeup and not letting them show.
For a moment in history, it felt that girls are embracing them with Lindsay Lohan being in the movie “The Parent Trap”. But as her stardom grew, her freckles were disappearing from her face and so we went back to covering them up.
That is until 2017 when suddenly makeup artists started drawing them on with makeup.

But why? Why are we all of a sudden so obsessed with freckles, that we are not only letting them naturally show, but go so far as to draw them on if we don't have any to show? That's one for the FBI.

Are you into this freckle look but don't have any? No worries, just follow this simple two step guide for natural looking freckles.

Step 1

Take two pencils (i.e. Charlotte Tilbury - The classic eye powder pencil) with different shades of brown and dot the freckles on, where they would naturally appear after being in the sun. That is, from the bridge of your nose to the top of the cheekbones. And make sure to use a bit worn out pencil, not too sharp. Also, don't draw in circles, but rather place the pencil on skin and twist. 

Step 2

Tap over them with fingers or beauty sponge (i.e. Beauty Blender) to blend them into the skin. 

And voila, new freckle face!

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