Fall 18 Trends – best outerwear pieces

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We are so ready for coat season! Easy breezy summer dresses are all good, but let’s be honest, nothing can beat a fashionable fall outfit including your favourite coat. It will keep you warm and stylish on those crisp mornings on your way to work and accompany you all throughout the day until the chill evening.  
We are sure you have a coat that is suitable for the fall season in your closet, but from time to time you are longing for something new and fresh. That might be the classic trench that you´ve always wanted, but never bought, the duffle coat you thought looked so cosy or the leather one you haven´t got your hands on so far, because you felt like it was a bit too extravagant for you. What we can assure you is that now is the time to invest in a good, high quality coat. Spending so much money on a piece of clothing though is (probably) not something you do on a daily basis and the decision thus not an easy one. Thank god, we have a little coat guideline that will hopefully make you find your perfect fall and winter companion.


You can never go wrong with a classic belted coat. They come in woolen fabrics and many different colours. For a subtle look, choose a neutral tone like grey, beige or black. If you want to bring some colour into your (in fall sometimes very grey) life, choose bright hues like pink or orange. 

A coat to invest in


Not only superheroes wear capes. Strong and fashionable women are also opting for the trendy outerwear piece this fall. Here you´ve got all the choices: go for pastel, checked, bold or earthy tones – it really doesn´t matter, because a cape always adds a certain elegance to any outfit.

A coat to invest in


Checked coats have been a thing for a while now and this trend is not about to stop! If you are thinking about getting a coat in this pattern, don´t hesitate to buy one. For a classic look that will never get old, it is best to go with a grey, blue or black version and if you want to make a statement, get yourself a colourful model. 

A coat to invest in


A good leather coat is for sure something to invest in. For a good one, you have to dig really deep into your pockets, but let us tell you: it is worth it! If you take good care of it, a leather coat will last you a lifetime and complete every autumnal outfit.

A coat to invest in

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