Yes, we talk about the presents as well!


Easter also called Pascha in Greek and Latin is a very ancient holiday. The Jewish celebrate the Passover to commemorate their liberation by God from slavery in Ancient Egypt, as recorded in the Book of Exodus of the Old Testament. Christian Easter is closely linked to the Jewish Passover by many symbolisms and the same calendar. 

The early Christians began celebrating Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and in the 2nd century, the festivity of Pascha was already a well-established annual event, that continues to be celebrated up to today by Catholics, Lutherans, and Anglicans.

Easter is usually celebrated with a big family breakfast or lunch, egg hunt for children, the Easter Bunny, traditional Easter food that varies from country to country, Easter parades in the United States, especially the famous Fifth Avenue Easter parade in New York, where the women wear fashionable and huge hats.

And what about the chocolate eggs, where does this tradition come from?

Easter celebrations are always very joyful and the tables are decorated accordingly, in joyful colours. Traditionally, Easter eggs are hard-boiled eggs that are dyed in bright colours. Together with their more modern version, the chocolate eggs, they symbolize rebirth and new life, and the promise of eternal life.

If you are hosting an Easter brunch, a dinner or if you are invited to an Easter lunch and egg hunt, it is always a joy to offer your family, friends or hosts a nice gift to show your appreciation and to celebrate Easter and the arrival of Spring.

Do you want to surprise your loved ones and friends with something other than Easter chocolate eggs and bunnies that, let’s face it, everyone will give everyone and even children will get sick of so much sugar, not to mention the clothes and furniture all smudged in sticky melted chocolate? Keep reading to find in this article some nice suggestions of great Easter gifts:

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