Say Goodbye To Your Boring Toast


Oh, breakfast, breakfast. There is probably nothing better than having a lovely full breakfast under the sun rays in such a beautiful city like Vienna. There are hidden places that you will never get to if it wasn’t for this article or some very friendly locals. Thank us later. Vienna has a special something that makes everybody fall in love with the city, but breakfasts under our point of view, are total winners in the whole Love-Vienna situation. So with no further chit-chatting, here are our most cherished places where we like heading for a nice and very Viennese breakfast in the city.

Voll Pension Wien

This place is not only run by the coolest “Omas” in Vienna, but it is also delicious. You can’t expect less than that coming from a grandma of course. These Omas manage to fill their café up with breakfast-lovers in a Record-Guinness timeframe. If you like to feel like at home and craving some delicious cakes, head down to the 4th district, where these Omas have taken over with their deliciousness.  


Budapest Bistro

Budapest Bistro Official Website 

This tiny café represents a bit of Budapest in Vienna and it sure gets good reactions every time we pay them a visit. With a whole variety of breakfasts and many other options, this small café located in the 5th allows all the late sleepers in Vienna to have breakfast at any time of the day. Cool right?

Photo via Official Site


Phil – Notorious Favourite!

Phils Official Website 

Do you love books and breakfast? These guys have everything, from cooking books to beautiful and inspiring poetry. You dream of having your morning coffee amongst a whole collection of books of any type has never been so close. You cannot go wrong with Phil!

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Figar's Official Website 

If you are a city lover or an urban cosmopolitan, you are simply going to love Figar. Right in the heart of the hipster movement in Vienna, Figar is waiting for you with a very cool breakfast choice.

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