Is this fashion or can it be ditched?


Photo courtesy of Condé Nast Germany

Vogue Germany is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a fabulous fashion exhibition at the Villa Stuck in Munich until the 12th January 2020.



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Curated by the Editor in Chief since 2003 of Vogue Germany, Christiane Arp, the exhibition takes place on two floors of the historic villa of sculptor Franz Stuck.

With the help of artist Martin Fengel and the museum’s director, Michael Buhrs, Arp put together not only photographs of the magazine’s archives but also costumes by famous designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Thom Browne, Chanel and Maison Margiela among others.



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Christiane Arp says that the exhibition is more than a “journey through 40 years of Vogue”. The photos and clothes are shown juxtaposed with records of political and social events of each period, to “highlight the connections between what happened in the world and how it reflected in the works of the designers."

The exhibition also celebrates Karl Lagerfeld, showing the German designer’s creations for Vogue Germany and a couture dress from his last collection for Chanel. Notably, you’ll be able to see up close, a copy of the yellow coat that won Lagerfeld the Woolmark Prize in 1954 and marked the beginning of his stellar career.



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The exhibition tackles the past, present and future of fashion. Installations of artist Alice Potts and designer Priya Ahluwalia speak about sustainability, and experimental works of students of Fashion and Technology in the German University give us an insight into what to expect in fashion the next years.



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There is also a studio with scrapbooks and still-life production for next Vogue Germany issues where you can learn about the making of the magazine.

If you like fashion, which of course you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading Notorious, do not miss the exhibition!