Toy Story influencing fashion!


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Cowboy boots have always been in and out of fashion, but fans of the western boots don’t seem to care and just keep wearing them no matter what, year in, year out.

Hollywood made them so popular with the western movies and, although they might seem now a fashion statement, the cowboy boots were, and still are, actually very practical for the American Cowboys since the Wild West and are very much part of American tradition.

But you don’t need to come from Arizona nor be a cowboy to love and wear these great boots. Actually, everyone has already had at least one pair of cowboy boots at some point in their lives, from American presidents and Hollywood stars to European fashionistas. Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to own more than 15 pairs and says it’s kind of a hobby of his, and the French jewellery designer Victoire de Castellane is a big fan too and has a huge collection of colourful boots.

Cowboy boots come officially only in two types: the original Western that go up to mid-calf or higher, to protect the rider’s legs and the shorter version, the Roper, that ends just above the ankle to be more easily removed during the rodeos. They come in all kinds of leather and colours with fancy embroideries. 

S/S'18 Cowboy Boots

But of course, you do not have to be at a Rodeo to wear your cowboy boots, the style icon Kate Moss has been wearing them forever, and so have Victoria Beckham and Taylor Swift.

In the year 2000, Madonna made the cowboy boots cool again by square dancing in a Western look and kicking up the desert dust with her black boots with metal tips in the video for her “Don’t Tell Me”, that had every girl dreaming of going wild-west.

Givenchy S/S'18

Western wear, with its nostalgic Americana and deep-rooted traditional values that reminds us of a time when things seemed to be more simple, but also with a longing for freedom, wilderness and road trips, is once again back in fashion and from what we saw on the catwalks, it’s going to be all over throughout spring/summer and also fall/winter.

Most designers have been inspired by western look in their Autumn/Winter ’18 shows, from Helmut Lang to Calvin Klein with black and white cowboy boots and ankle boots as well as cherry red boots in his Spring collection, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Fendi, which by the way, presented on the catwalk the most stunning cowboy boots with colorful prints or in bright colours such as yellow, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana with glittering sequins, absolutely everyone seems to have fallen I love with the wild-west look all over again!

Calvin Klein S/S'18

Western-inspired, these wonderful boots can be worn day or night, in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, not only with jeans but also with absolutely everything! Now in Spring, pair your cowboy boots with floral dresses, with a short skirt à la Alexa Chung, with an all-white outfit and…white cowboy boots, with girly midi dresses, with tailored polished looks or with a 70’s style dress à la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Giorgio Armani S/S'18

But please, do not adopt the whole western look and go around dressed like Dolly Parton, chose instead one or two western items to update your outfit, for instance, wear some stylish lavender ash cowboy boots with any old denim and you will look as on-trend as the coolest of fashionistas!


Photos Calvin Klein,Givenchy,Giorgio Armani via WGSN