According Forbes, Vogue, New York Times and Notorious


Photos courtesy of Cora Sheibani by giselaphoto

Cora Sheibani is an independent jewellery designer with a strong personal style that shows in her far from conventional colourful jewels. Among her fans, you find Vogue, Forbes, New York Times, Elle, and all the Haute aesthetic clients who describe Sheibani as the best-kept secret in the jewellery world.

London-based Cora Sheibani was born in Switzerland. The designer is the daughter of an art dealer and grew up having Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat as guests at her parents', who collected everything, from 20th-century glass to ceramics and furniture. 


Before venturing in the world of contemporary jewellery, almost 17 years ago, Cora studied the history of art in Florence and New York. She moved to London in 2001 after getting married and decided to study gemology at the GIA in London. She said she felt “jewellery was not contemporary enough, not luxurious enough, because it has to be commercial and price-conscious”, so she started designing her unique rings, brooches and necklaces while expecting her first child.

Sheibani’s jewellery designs are inspired by unexpected things such as clouds, cakes and copper cake moulds, cacti and eyes. The pieces of her Eyes collection are set with central stones such as Tanzanite or Spessartite garnet, which she chose because of their sparkle, that reminded her a twinkling eye, and not because of the gemstones intrinsic value. 


Click on the video to know where the expression Cocktail Rings comes from!


She meets her A-list clients by-appointment-only at her Kensington home where she lives with her husband and three children, surrounded by the couple’s art collection and extensive collection of jewellery books. Sheibani designs the jewellery collections at her London home and the< pieces are then made by craftsmen in Switzerland and Paris. She says that her jewellery is a collaboration with the goldsmiths who figure out with her how to make her designs work.


The Swiss designer also exhibits her work occasionally at Louisa Guinness Gallery, the artist jewellery dealer in London. By the way, Sheibani is having an exhibition there right now until the 30th April, the theme of the show is fluorescence and jewellery that glows in the dark, hence the name of the presentation; Glow.

Christine Schönburg