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With the comeback of the logomania trend, it seems to us that the 90s keep trying to make it into the circle of life of fashion history again. If we didn’t have already enough with the belt bags, the micro sunglasses or the amazing platform sneakers, here comes the cherry on the cake; logos everywhere, big and bright.

Logomania has just knocked on the door at every catwalk and street style look, and since we have declared ourselves 90s lovers, we adore this one too.

The logomania trend created a big impact during the 80s when rappers like Eric B. and Rakim developed a special relationship with Gucci, the Italian luxury brand. This trend, however, later found its place in the history of fashion trends in the 90s by the hand of the biggest names such as; Louis Vuitton, Dior and Calvin Klein among others. Logos where spattering every single piece of garment and accessories while the Spice Girls were rocking the world of music.

Logomania_Street Style_Fashion Week

Back then, wearing slogan t-shirts was a way of demonstrating the world your entry into the world of the grown-up club or your social tribe or eventually a political campaign. Fast forward into the future, a.k.a. now, the logo gains graphic strength, it becomes a pattern that, of course, carry a status symbol, and sometimes even an artistic meaning. The best example is all the collaborations between Loius Vuitton and Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.

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