Christmas Presents For People Who Have Everything The best gifts.

What Christmas presents can you give to people who have everything? We all have at least one of these persons in our lives. And it can be quite frustrating to find the right present; a meaningful Christmas gift. So, maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Here are our suggestions:

Caritas, the meaningful Christmas gift that keeps giving

Caritas Austria offers you the opportunity to give meaningful Christmas presents to people who have everything. These Christmas gifts will be special because of their massive impact on the lives of those who need everything.

Get meaningful Christmas presents for people who have everything at Caritas.
Your present becomes a pig, goat or seeds and training for a future without hunger, or financing a person’s education as a teacher.

There are so many options to choose from. You can give a donkey to reduce the workload of women in Ethiopia. Or an ox to help make the land arable for agriculture. You c provide warm soups in Ukraine or help poor people in Austria to keep their flats warm. 

With the donation you make in the name of the loved people in your life that have everything, they will receive their Christmas presents with information about the program you chose from the Caritas website.

Advent Calendar for people who have everything

With this Advent Calendar, you can get special Christmas presents for people who have everything. Every day, until Christmas, you can find a meaningful gift behind each door you open.

The ICEP Advent Calendar has 24 special Christmas gift ideas.
It often only takes a small push to enable people to develop their personal talents.

Additionally, in the ICEP online shop, you can also choose from a wide variety of symbolic gifts. With every purchase, you help support poor people through training. This way, they will have the opportunity to take their lives into their own hands.

The Institute for Cooperation in Development Projects was founded in Vienna as a private initiative and is a non-profit association in the service of global poverty reduction. ICEP aims to help people in developing countries to become actors in their own development.

We are convinced that dignified work is the basis for a life of self-determination and freedom. It is also the key to social and economic development.

Stephan Chavanne – ICEP President

ICEP empowers people through education, which is the key to a sustainable fight against poverty. Giving meaningful Christmas presents, you support the development of projects that provide know-how and helps local organizations.

1000taschen; bags to carry all the special Christmas gifts

Creative and sustainable, the tote bags from 1000taschen make great Christmas presents for people who have everything. “MAMIShelfenMAMIS” was born in 2010 in Vienna. The idea of this organization is to create jobs and help social projects through the sales of these beautiful bags.

Sustainable bags make great Christmas gifts for people who have everything.
Dirndl dresses, curtains and other donated fabrics are recycled into beautiful tote bags.

1000taschen makes totes in various sizes, mostly with materials they receive as donations. The mega-bag, in particular, has quickly become their most popular model. This is due to its practical, washable interior, its huge size, but above all, because of its beautiful exterior.

Sustainable bags in different sizes make great Christmas gifts for people who have everything.
The mega-bag is made with a huge Ikea bag covered with stunning fabrics.

A network of committed friends sells the bags far beyond Austria. Fifty per cent of the sales goes to three young Slovak mothers who sew the bags; the other fifty per cent goes to various social projects. You can visit the atelier in the 3rd District to hand-pick the special Christmas presents that people who have everything will love. Otherwise, order your bag through their Facebook page.

Title photo courtesy of Caritas.