Do you realize, that it’s only two more working weeks until Christmas Eve?!? Apart from the stress around getting all the gifts together, organizing get-togethers and decorating the Christmas tree, this time is not for nothing called the most wonderful of the year. Christmas markets, nicely decorated streets, mulled wine and the magic of the first snow (maybe)… Doesn’t this all sound like a fairytale? For most, the reality is rather the opposite – namely the first: Rushing around town, trying to organize all the chaos that has to be taken care of before the holidays arrive. Unfortunately, we can’t help you out with everything, BUT we can definitely give you some inspiration or even concrete ideas for presents to give away. They are all available online, so the hectic of picking them up becomes redundant. 

In today’s gift guide, we target all lovers for interior and designs. So basically everyone, because who does not love pretty, little frills and other goodies for the home? These trending pieces could derive directly from Pinterest and are doing well under the Christmas tree and in the living room. 

    1. Hanging Chair "Luna" from miaVilla 

    2. "New York" Needlepoint Throw Pillow from Jonathan Adler

    3. Pink Message Board from Design Letters

    4. Watch "Night Clock" from Vitra

    5. Big Cactus Vase from Serax

    6. Bookends “Dachshund” from Jonathan Adler

    7. Scented Candle “Flora” from Fornasetti

    8. Moka Pot "La Conica" from Alessi

    9. Small Marble Tray from Hay 

    10. Set Of 4 Highball Glasses from Rosanna 

    Teaser Image by Design Letters