Influencer, Entrepreneur, and mother-to-be!


Chiara Ferragni, the blond Italian blogger behind “The Blond Salad”, has just been chosen by Jewellery house Pomellato as the brand’s ambassador. The fantastic fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh clicked Ferragni for Pomellato’s latest campaign for which she was selected to highlight the importance of female leadership.

The photographer Lindbergh said about her: "What impressed me most about Chiara—and I was working with her for the first time— is her strong and vibrant personality, she embodies the future of the empowered femininity. She is wholeheartedly and powerfully present, a true influencer and it just came out through my lens.”

The Italian jewellery brand Pomellato could have chosen a famous Hollywood star or a supermodel, but they decided to go with a blogger and influencer. Although many people like to mock the word Influencer, nobody can deny their power. And Chiara Ferragni is indeed a powerful woman. 

She started her fashion blog "The Blonde Salad" in 2009 and has since, won several Bloglovin awards. She is the most powerful fashion influencer in the world according to Forbes. The blogger has appeared on the covers of several magazines and has even her own Barbie version, that wears shoes of the Chiara Ferragni Collection, of course.

Her blog has turned into a magazine and an e-commerce where she sells her eponymous line of clothes, shoes, and accessories. By the way, her success is so impressive that it became a case study at Harvard Business School.

So let's talk about numbers: Chiara’s Instagram account has 11.8 million followers; she is #1 on Forbes's Top Influencers list in the Fashion category, she has over 2 million Facebook subscribers, and she made over $10 million in 2016. But maybe the most important number is that in 2018 she will bring 1 more person into the world. Yes, the new mother-to-be and her beau, the rapper Fedez are pregnant, and already enjoying the new life with a new green card in L.A. Congrats! 

Christine Schönburg