Does Advertisement also follow trends?


Prada AW 18-19 campaign

The new ad campaigns for Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 are out, and we can see that the inspiration and choice of models and locations are going hand-in-hand with the fashion trends for this and next seasons.

Something that is becoming a trend now, after a few forward-thinking advertisement agencies such as the Austrian Agency4e7 started doing it some years ago, is shooting short films that tell a story instead of only showing the brands’ latest collections. Let’s have a look at the main A/W luxury brand campaign trends:

Life's a Party

The nightlife is a great source of inspiration for several designer's new campaigns because, you know; life’s a party, especially if you’re wearing a fab Givenchy or Prada!

Givenchy's Fall/Winter collection was inspired by the 80’s nightlife and club scene in Berlin so what better place than nightclubs for photographer Steven Meisel to shoot a short movie for the brand's campaign? 

Life's a party_Givenchy AW 18-19 campaign

Prada’s campaign is a dream-like short film, "Neon Dream", shot by Willy Vanderperre and set in an imaginary Las Vegas with its neon lights that include a big one in the shape of the brand's famous flame heels, as colourful and bright as Prada’s outfits.

Prada A/W 18-19 campaign

Canine accessory

Dogs are the perfect accessory for the stylish models, and they bring a bit of fun and cuteness to several campaigns this season.

Gucci’s fantastic campaign that we already showed you some time ago features the pop-idol and former member of the boy-band One Direction, Harry Styles, looking incredibly cool and a bit eccentric too, with not only several dogs but also a chicken in his arms while at a fish&chips shop. 

Gucci AW 18 19 campaign

Marc Jacobs also presents dogs in the beautiful images shot by Steven Meisel. Big Dobermans take for a walk the elegant models -and not the other way round as they seem to be struggling to hold their four-legged companions- in beautiful and voluminous outfits paired with glam coloured hair.

Marc Jacobs A/W 18-19 campaign

Food and jewellery

High-jewellery brands are showing their sparkling creations alongside food in creative and colourful images.

David Webb showed his newest collection with plates of food as background, and a lobster wearing on its claw a diamond and emerald ring. 

Campaigns for David Webb jewellery

Chanel also chose the kitchen of the hotel Ritz, Paris, and an elegant brunch set as decor in the ad for the French brand’s new watch, Code Coco.

Campaign for Chanel's new watch Code Coco

Urban set

The mega-urban New York with its skyscrapers, bridges and streets is a fantastic location for fashion shots.

Carolina Herrera brings glamour to the every-day in her A/W campaign shot by David Sims in the somehow desolate streets of Brooklin, which offer the right counterbalance to the über-chic outfits of Herrera. 

Carolina Herrera AW 18-19 campaign shot in the streets of New York

Chloe also portrays New York's skyline in the Fall/Winter 18-19 campaign shot by Steven Meisel (yes, him, again!).

Chloe A/W 18-19 campaign

Green set

Re-connecting with nature is key to several brands who chose the countryside as the stage for their Fall/Winter 2018-2019 campaigns.

Stella McCartney’s Fall/Winter campaign shows her beautiful clothes against the greenest green ever, with the model, shot by British photographer Johnny Dufort, lying on the fresh grass of the Scottish landscape where McCartney grew up. 

A/W 18-19 campaign for Stella McCartney

Proenza Schouler also has model Amber Valletta lying in a field. Although the neighbour's grass is always greener, Schouler’s set is colourful, with red and rose flowers that contrast beautifully with Amber’s black, white and gold outfit.

Proenza Schouler A/W 18-19 campaign

Brain matters

Intellect is the new beauty and is on-trend. Fashion brands are choosing models who are not just pretty faces; they are talented people who use their public image to send messages. 

For Miu Miu’s A/W campaign "The Conversation", photographer Alasdair McLellan shot, among others, model Adwoa Aboah, who not only is beautiful but also is an activist. The British model has an organisation for young women called Gurls Talk and in 2017, she was named British GQ's 'Woman of the Year' .

Miu-Miu A/W 18-19 campaign

Anthropologie is another brand that selected an activist -and poet-, Cleo Wade, to star in the FW campaign alongside the stunning 74-year-old iconic supermodel Lauren Hutton who said  “I always wanted to be wise. As a model, people would laugh when I said that."

Anthropologie A/W 18-19 campaign

Photos via Givenchy, Prada, Marc Jacobs, GucciDavid Webb, Chanel, Carolina Herrera, ChloeStella McCartney, Anthropologie and Miu Miu.