Goodbye crocodile bags


Great news for animal lovers: Chanel has just announced that it is banning exotic skins such as crocodile, snake, galuchat and lizard among others.

The French high-end fashion house will no longer use exotic skins to manufacture its chic leather goods. It is a big step for Chanel since handbags, shoes and watch-straps made from exotic skins have always been a sign of opulence and power and are one of the most expensive and desired luxury products in the world.

Chanel will be the first luxury brand to ban exotic skins from its future collections. Retailers such as H&M, Top Shop, Victoria Secret and Adidas have already pledged not to use exotic skins, but this won't make much of a difference since these brands do not usually use these types of high-end materials in their collections. The French label also will stop manufacturing products with fur, following the steps of other brands like Burberry, Armani, John Galliano, Diane von Fürstenberg and many others.

Chanel is to ban exotic skins


Like all precious metals and gemstones, it is the scarcity that dictates the high price, and an exotic skin handbag can cost up to 30 times more than the same bag in ordinary leather. 

Louis Vuitton gets the exotic skins from its crocodile farm in Australia. Gucci, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent source their snakeskin from a python farm in Thailand. Hermes operates its own reptile farm. Even so, it is almost impossible to trace the provenience of all material used in the production chain of big houses, and many skins come from illegal sources that endanger the wildlife or are not cruelty-free. Chanel said it was finding it more and more difficult to source those materials in a way that matched their ethical standards.

Chanel Is To Ban Exotic Skins

The announcement came hours before Chanel’s pre-fall 2019 Métiers d’Art runway show that happened yesterday at the Met in New York. The timing was quite convenient, and we’re sure that with this news, Chanel’s 2018 alligator collection prices will surely hit the roof and will sell faster than hot cakes!

Channel’s ban will have a positive effect, especially among the younger luxury good buyers who say they prefer to purchase from brands that use ethically sourced materials with little environmental impact. The iconic fashion house said it was already working with different materials to “create a new generation of high-end products” and we’re waiting with anticipation to see what will come next.


Illustration by Notorious-mag / Photos via Shutterstock