Guess how many Swarovski crystals on her dress


Celine Dion: photo credit Happy Monday, courtesy of Alexandre Vauthier

Talking about his SS2019 Couture collection that he’s just presented at the Paris Fashion Week, designer Alexandre Vauthier said that he “worked on the very essence of French couture: le chic Parisian absolute. It’s the chic of having clothes with an impeccable cut, on which hours of artisanal savoir-faire were spent, but don’t look ostentatious or too exuberant.

Alexandre Vauthier SS2019 Couture collection sparkles

The Austrian Swarovski collaborated once again with the designer, and the looks sparkled thanks to more than 385.000 crystals, pearls and colourful stones, embroidered onto the gowns, like the crystal-polka-dots minidress. Vauthier also presented his newest shades collection created in collaboration with Alain Mikli and embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Alexandre Vauthier SS2019 Couture collection sparkles

The glamorous collection had a ’60s feel; a black pouf mini-dress with a big white bow at the front that we’re sure Twiggy would have loved to wear it back in the swinging sixties. The pouf mini-skirt ( and when I say mini, I mean really mini!) worn with an embroidered bolero or the sparkling light pink mini-dress with puffy sleeves were fabulous, and the several ruffled mini-dresses, sleeves and collars made this SS 2019 collection very chic and cool.

Alexandre Vauthier SS2019 Couture collection sparkles

The white shirt with a black bow at the collar and the one with a white bow worn with a black sequined jacket embellished with crystals were especially chic and sexy. We love feminine looks with a pinch of masculine vibe and think nothing beats a woman wearing a tuxedo.

Alexandre Vauthier SS2019 Couture collection sparkles

Couture super-enthusiast Celine Dion was in the front row at Vauthier’s presentation, in a sparkling black dress with 150.000 Swarovski crystals. When the designer came out to greet the guests, Dion, who’s becoming the queen of the internet thanks to her emotional reactions during the Haute Couture fashion shows, jumped up to hug a smiling Vauthier. The megastar is such a fan of his creations that a few days later she appeared wearing another Vauthier number at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

All the beautiful looks of Alexandre Vauthier SS 2019 collection were captured backstage by the lens of Marion Leflour.