How founder Ben Gorham captivates the senses


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 Ben Gorham, the founder of the Swedish fragrance Byredo is a former basketball star. Did you know that? Gorham who grew up in Toronto, New York and Stockholm started to create the (with good reason) hyped perfumes in 2006 after a trip to his mother´s home India where he was inspired by all the scents, aromas and spices he experienced there.

Gorham who graduated from art school and holds a degree in fine arts decided that he preferred the olfactory over oil paintings and sculptures after he met French perfumer Pierre Wulff. His interest in scents and the fact that they are strongly connected to memories and experiences have led him to create his unique and very raw perfumes. Each perfume is thus inspired by memories, adventures, people and places.

With no formal training in this field though he reached out to the world renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, who converted his ideas and visions into actual compositions. What originally started out with candles and perfumes has become an olfactory realm for beauty lovers. Lotions, soaps, home fragrances and even a (relatively big) collection of fine leather goods are here to please our senses.

If you have ever smelled one of the fragrances, we probably don´t have to tell you how pure and overwhelming they are. Byredo´s bestselling scents “Bal d´Afrique”, “Mojave Ghost” “Gypsy Water” and “Blanche” have been all over the place and we totally get why. Once you get your hands on of one of these perfumes, you will stick with them, promise!


Photo via WGSN