See here how to wear brown and not look like and old couch


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Have you already noticed that brown is the new black? At least for this season, every store is filled with chocolate pieces, and the most stylish women in the streets of London, Paris and Milan are already wearing the hottest colour of this winter.

But brown, really?

I’ve looked with disdain at the cocoa hue for so many years, after having to wear a horrible brown uniform from kindergarten until the end of secondary school. And I’m not the only one. Many people feel that brown is a dull colour reserved to old Latin teachers and librarians from the ’70s.

I must admit that, despite my initial doubts, all the beautiful looks I’ve been seeing lately made me change my mind regarding this shade’s bad reputation. I’m quite enjoying this winter trend; in fact, I’ve almost forgotten my school uniform trauma and am looking forward to wearing Nutella from head to toe! And as we told you before, earthy colours will continue hot in 2019. The brown trend is here for the long haul and we’re sure you will love it sooner or later, so why not sooner?

Victoria Beckham matches all shades of brown in her winter collection, showing pieces in dark brown, caramel and beige. Fendi, Marni, Louis Vuitton, Rochas and Chloe among others, also offered brown-on-brown looks on their catwalks, and all high-street stores are packed with chestnut clothes and accessories, especially brown corduroy that’s come back with full power.

Keep reading if you are wondering how to wear this new neutral without looking like a dusty old couch, or if you would like to know with what colours to match it and whether anyone can wear brown:

We all have a LBD, how about a Little (or Long) Brown Dress for a change? It is as chic as the black dress but less predictable

Brown is the new black; can you wear it?


You can wear brown-on-brown outfits, or mix different hues of brown like camel, caramel and beige

Brown is the new black; can you wear it?



Match the earthy shade with pink, burgundy, salmon or lavender

Brown is the new black; can you wear it?


Brown looks beautiful with baby blue and denim

Brown is the new black; can you wear it? 



Pair it with vibrant mint green and other hues of green for a splash of colour

Brown is the new black; can you wear it?


Surprisingly, back and brown go perfectly well together and look very sophisticated

Brown is the new black; can you wear it?


Wear gold and brown for Christmas and New Years’ celebrations, this fabulous match has Party-Time written all over it!

Brown is the new black; can you wear it?

Doesn’t matter whether blond, brunette, red, black or white-haired, brown suits everyone, so don’t be afraid to join the stylish brown-wagon!

Have a look at the cool selection of fabulous brown items we prepared to help you have a 2019 as stylish as it gets!



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