Express Pack & Travel Guide


Oh, don’t we all love traveling…for holidays? When it comes to traveling for work, however, it can become quite exhausting. Fact. Traveling may require a special packing method, we all have different ones, but what you usually take on board with you doesn’t really vary that much. So here’s a list of some essentials that you may want to consider in order to make your packing process run smoothly next time. 


iPod, phone, Disc-man, headphones anything works. But make sure you have some type of music up with you while on the air. It has been proven that music allows you to relax and disconnect from the world, especially when traveling long hours. Music will become your BFF while on the flying tube.

Travel Pillow

Once again this may apply when you are flying for more than 4 or 5 hours, especially when flying overnight or very early in the morning. If you are heading over to a business meeting and coming back on the same day, this pillow might help you take a rest before the meeting without making your shirt look like a bag of Ruffled chips.

Comfy Shoes

The choice of shoes is extremely important. Even if you are flying for work, you can always take a second pair of shoes with you. When we fly, our legs tend to swell a little bit due to the pressure, so make sure you have wide shoes on, that allow your circulating system to work normally. When using very tight shoes your blood might not be circulating, as it should be doing.



General hydration is a complete MUST. From a hydrating cream to drinking water yourself – Find more tips here. Stay hydrated while flying; your body will totally appreciate it.

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