Black is the best colour for summer outfits Like a Touareg nomad.

Ask anyone, and they will tell you the right colour to wear in summer is white. Well, at least, that’s what almost everyone believes. But if you talk to science geeks, they will tell you that the best colour for summer is black. Maybe you – and me – should have paid a bit more attention in science class! But do not worry, we’re not here to send you back to school, keep reading, and you’ll see it actually makes sense.

Fashionista in the streets of Paris during fashion week, wearing a black caftan with cowboy hat and Indian necklaces.

Paris Fashion Week

Why not white

You’ve always heard that white clothing keeps you fresh because it reflects the sun rays instead of absorbing them. This explanation makes perfect sense. So as soon as the first signs of summer appear, we all run to our wardrobes to get out those lovely white linen dresses or trousers and say goodbye to all chic black clothes.

However, the heat doesn’t come only from the outside, from the sun, it also comes from the body, and this is why when it’s cold, people stay close together, for human warmth.

In reality, when the heat that the body naturally generates hits the white fabric, it will also get reflected, but in this case, right back to the body wearing the white cloth. In other words, the person will be cooking herself inside her clothes.

Fashionista during paris fashion week wearing a maxi lace black dress and Valentino sandals.

Paris Fashion Week

Why black is a summer colour

That’s why black is the best colour for summer outfits: although it absorbs the heat from the sun rays, it also absorbs the heat coming from your body. It means, instead of reflecting the heat back to you, black absorbs the heat. Considering that your body is much closer to your clothes than the sun is, you just do the math.

It is no wonder women have worn black in Sicily for hundreds of years and so have the Touareg nomads in the desert.

Influencer, Caro Daur, wearing a mini black dress with an ugly-sandal, during Milan Fashion week.

Milan Fashion Week

How to choose black summer outfit

Of course, you will need to find black clothes in light and breathable fabrics like thin cotton and linen, to keep cool this season. The beautiful black tops and dresses made by English lace are just perfect because the air comes through the little holes. Large comfortable silk caftans are not only lounge outfits but a chic option for a summer night out in the city. Important is to choose natural fabrics and avoid artificial polyester and co.

So ladies and lads, now that you know black is the best colour for summer, you can simply say black is the new white.

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