What? Björk has turned 55 and we can’t believe it Get the look.

Can you believe Björk has just turned 55? In my mind, the cute elf-like singer from Iceland must still be in her 20s! Somehow, Björk manages to keep fascinating us with her captivating music and unique fashion style. What’s her secret, to look like an ageless fairy out of a Nordic folklore story after all these years?

Björk’s long-lasting career

Time doesn’t seem to have the same effect on Björk because she turned 55 looking as if she hadn’t aged a day.

I remember when the eccentric singer first became famous outside Iceland, in the late eighties, with her alternative rock band The Sugarcubes. By then, the 23-year old had already been a professional musician for more than 10 years! In fact, she recorded her first album when she was only 11. She then sang in several bands, including a punk band where one could already see the eccentric fashion style of Björk.

Her long career has won the multi-talented 55-year-old Björk several prizes, including BRIT Awards, MTV, UK Music Award and even the best actress award at Cannes for her performance in the movie “Dancer in the Dark”.

Petite but powerful

Although petite in stature, Björk has such a powerful presence on stage, at 20 or 55, that it would be impossible not to notice the singer or her fashion style. Björk is not afraid to dare when it comes to fashion. For example, she once attended the Oscars in a surreal swan-dress.

The fashion style of Björk

Singer, composer, producer, actress and DJ, Björk also expresses herself through her bold fashion style, even now that she’s 55. She wears outfits in bright colours, with big volumes and plenty of frills and ruffles, which are, by the way, big trends nowadays.

Headpieces are also her signature accessories, especially the wonderful pieces created by James Merry, who also made hand-held masks for Tilda Swinton to attend Venice Film Festival.

Fascinated about getting older 

At 55, Björk lives between her hometown, Reykjavic, and New York, and she says she spends half of her time in Iceland, by the ocean and outdoors. In fact, the singer writes music while she walks in nature. Maybe her close connection to nature is the secret recipe for her ageless look?

Always curious and creative, Björk explains that “Getting older is fascinating; it’s like going to outer space.” She adds, “the fact that I want to document the music inside me, however old I get; 100 or whatever. That’s pioneer work there. Up to 40, I had a lot of ladies to look up to, but after 40 you can count them on the one hand. So that’s something I’m going to have to invent. That’s gonna be an exciting process.

The mother-of-two with an unearthly voice has many plans for 2021, starting with four concerts in her hometown if coronavirus allows it. Björk will also play a Slavic witch in the movie The Northman, alongside her 17-year-old daughter and actors like Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe and Anya Taylor-Joy, star of the fantastic The Queen’s Gambit.

Get inspired by the style of Björk; we’re sure the ageless Icelandic star will continue surprising us with iconic looks long after she’s turned 55. 

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