Because smelling good is the least you can do!

Fresh citrus, fruity and floral perfumes are very refreshing in this hot weather, have you already chosen your favourite new summer scents for this year?
Choosing the right perfume is as important as choosing the right outfit, if not more, because, when you leave a room, your scent is what remains, be it good or bad. There is something we all agree on, or at least, we should;  we enjoy smelling good, and we enjoy - and I can't stress this enough - people who smell good, no matter the season of the year, how sunny it is outside and where you're coming from or heading to.
Smelling nice is not only a must but also part of your personality. It shows your manners and your consideration and respect toward others, because, quite frankly, nobody deserves to be around strong cheap perfumes or worse, B.O!
Just like you would update your seasonal closet, you can change your fragrance according to the time of the year or your mood. However, according to professionals in the industry, there are no rules. But because we believe that having at least two sets of different aromas is the right thing to do, here are the best and most delightful fragrances of this summer:

Jo Malone London Colognes Eau de Cologne (EdC) 100.0 ml

The eau de Cologne Jo Malone 154 ( the number of the first Jo Malone boutique in London) is a super fresh fragrance that contains tangerine, grapefruit, lavender, basil, nutmeg and vetiver.

Byredo - Flowerhead – Engelwurzsamen & Sizilianische Zitrone, 7,5 Ml – Roll-on-parfumöl - one size

Flowerhead of Byredo was inspired by the bride and groom’s fragrant flower crowns at the typical Indian weddings. The perfume has notes of wild jasmine, Sicilian lemon, rose petals, amber, fresh suede and cranberry. You can buy the 50ml Eau de perfume or this practical roll-on perfume oil that comes in a small narrow bottle that you can carry with you everywhere in your bag.

Frederic Malle - Magnolia – Immergrüne Magnolie & Haitianischer Vetiver, 100 Ml – Eau De Toilette - one size

The master perfumer Carlos Benaïm created this classic Eau de Magnolia for Frederic Malle. It is a delicious scent for summer with fresh citrus notes of bergamot.

Frederic Malle - Bigarade Concentree – Bitterorange & Zeder, 100 Ml – Eau De Parfum - one size

Frederic Malle’s Eau de parfum Bigarade Concentrée gives you a long-lasting freshness with its citrus fragrance with notes of bitter orange, roses, cedar, grass and hay, almost like a walk in a prairie.

Velvet Haze is not a new fragrance, it was launched in 2017 by Byredo, but I included it in this selection because of its notes of hibiscus and coconut water, which takes me straight to a beach in Bahia. This unisex perfume is both earthy and refreshing, it is infused with hints of patchouli, wild musk and ambrette and it's inspired by Woodstock in the '60s.

Diptyque's 'Florabellio' eau de toilette is inspired by the smells of the label co-founder childhood summers in the Normandy. The sent has Marine accords that recall the ocean mist and has an unexpected hint of Apple Blossom, roasted coffee and sesame that gives balance to this unique perfume.

It's time to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, your delicious self ;)