Why you should consider going for the chop


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It is inevitable, come spring and many women start musing over the possibility of cutting their hair short; it is fresher, it is easier, it is more modern, and did I mention, fresher? While it may be a bit frightening to take the leap and finally crop the long mane it took you so long to grow, it is also so liberating and exciting to ask your stylist to chop it all off, and there are so many different short hair cuts to choose.

I’ll never forget the expression of utter happiness and relief I saw on the face of a young girl who had a gorgeous curly hair down to her waist and asked the hairdresser to shave her head! He first cut a very long ponytail off, which she was going to sell before adventuring in a gap-year trip to Australia. The girl told me, beaming, that she had never felt as free as at that moment!

If you’re not sure about cutting your hair because you like being able to wear your long mane in different hairdos, with the best short hair cuts we selected here, we will prove you that short hair can be even more versatile, and we'll show you how to style it:

Medium Bob

Best short hair cuts for Spring

The actress Lucy Boynton, Freddie Mercury's wife in Bohemian Rhapsody, can go from artsy look to chic BGBG or Hollywood diva by just styling her medium Bob differently.

Short, shorter and even shorter

Best short hair cuts for Spring

Once you start wearing short hair, you can always go a little shorter knowing that it will soon grow back. No change is too radical for Kristen Stewart. The actress manages to surprise us with new looks continually. She wears her short hair side-parted and combed back in a good girl style, wears it up like a punk Elvis, or shaves it real short and dyes it blond!

Many women in me

Best short hair cuts for Spring

Lily Collins is another actress who constantly looks like a new woman only by changing her short hair slightly. At one moment she may be a modern woman on-the-go, then a bad-ass rebel with wild, tousled hair, and in another moment, she becomes a glamorous old era Hollywood star.

Pixie or short Bob?

Best short hair cuts for Spring

Anne Hathaway looks gorgeous with a pixie crop that she wears with a fringe for a sexy look or combed to the side in a cute boyish way, but we also like her with a bob. 

Besides the short hair, what these chameleonic women have in common is the feeling that the poet Anais Nin put so well into words: "I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me."