How to spoil your mother


In most parts of the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and this year, it will fall on the 13th May.

To celebrate this special day and show your love and gratitude the one person that always has and always will love you unconditionally no matter what, why not spoil your mother with a delicious breakfast in bed, some flowers and a gift with a lovely handwritten letter thanking her for all her support and care over the years despite your messy room and all the times you rolled your eyes at her or didn't come back home at the time you were supposed to? Believe me, even though we will always be kids in the eyes of our mothers, there comes a time in life when a drawing or a handcrafted gift will just look too odd! 

Here are some good ideas for wonderful presents to let your mother know how special she really is:

If you think your mother is the most creative woman on earth

Faber Castell has the perfect gift for your mother: stylish colourful fountain pens in pink, turquoise or blue with matching ink, that will inspire your mother’s creativity and make her want to put down on paper her ideas, making them as indelible as your ever-lasting love for her! 

Faber Castell  blue Fountain Pen

If you think your mother is the most precious jewel on earth

Nothing better than jewellery to show how precious your mother is. Rozet & Fischmeister, the traditional jewellery house that’s been in Vienna since 1770, has many beautiful options for Mother’s Day;  you can choose from a delicate heart-shaped gold and diamond ring or heart-shaped earrings to a wonderful vintage flower bouquet brooch made in gold and Opal, Coral, Tourmalines and Onyx.

 Rozet & Fischmeister jewellery


If you think your mother is the most beautiful woman on earth

For those mothers who like to look gorgeous, Estée Lauder has just launched the new summer’18 Bronze Goddess Collection, a line of makeup and perfumes to help your mother keep looking like the goddess she is! You can find a great gift in this collection, whether Eau Fraiche or Eau de Perfume, body spray, hair spray, illuminating powder, lip balm or a summer look makeup palette.

Bronze Goddess summer collection - Estee Lauder