Shop like a Pro!


Why wait for the summer sales if you can take advantage right now, of the midseason sales and grab those dream-items for a fraction of their price? Now is the chance to buy some good quality clothes that you would usually think twice before buying.

But you don’t want to buy in haste just any item just because it’s on sale, right? There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting your paycheck on something only to realize, once it’s too late, of course, that you will never wear it. So, being the clever and savvy girl you are, you want to buy now those basics that match your wardrobe and that are timeless. And you should pick things that you’ll be able to keep wearing throughout summer and fall too. 

To be able to do that you need to know the trends for next season. But don’t worry, you don’t have to stop everything to start a thorough research on the next trends and where the best sales are; we’ve done all that for you already and picked some great bargains that you will enjoy wearing during Summer and will happily continue wearing in the Fall:

Floral dresses

It is a must and an obvious choice for summer, we all know it, but if you choose your dress having autumn in mind, it will last much longer than only one season. The right length, in this case, would be below the knee. Pair your flowing dress with cool ankle boots and a jacket or an oversized pullover and you will have the perfect look for the fall.


Sweaters are a very good option, they look trendy and are so cosy you will want to wear them every day! An oversized hoodie will keep you warm enough in chilly evenings now and during the fall too.


Put anything checkered on and you will instantly be on-trend! Did anyone say Burberry? So now is the time to snap up those checkered shirts, skirts and trench coats that are so stylish, chic and timeless.

Photo by Shutterstock