Kylie Jenner style


Lip plumpers, what an invention. This is surely the cheapest and fastest way of getting a “temporal Botox” look, needle and pain-free. However, the trend of the lip-plumping is rather new in today's fashion and we practically owe it all to the youngest member of the Kardashian clan (#KylieJennerLipChallenge anybody?). It was  Kylie Jenner, the now new mum, who brought the effect of lip-plumping back into fashion and to be totally fair, even though the effect is quite fake-ish, it does look quite dandy.


image via Estée Lauder

So if the injectable sound too rebellious to you or you simply can't imagine yourself picking up your nephews from school having your face look like a Saturday night improvised duck face selfie, these lip plumpers might be your solution. 

The cosmetic industry is ongoing investing in research and new tools to develop needleless solutions to face treatments without requiring surgery or stings. Those lip-plumpers below are really effective and will give you a little and charm pillow effect on your lips. Go for it!

Images via Shutterstock, Estée Lauder