Never say no to some online shopping


Photo: H&M

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Although the weather has been kind of summery lately, we are in an overall fall mood. Our fashionable minds are full with turtlenecks, trenchcoats, scarfs and other fallish pieces. When we are not spending our time outside in the sun these days, we can be found in front of our laptops doing some online shopping. Recently, we have been obsessed with H&M and have especially fallen for their premium and trend line. The high quality materials, the subtle colours and the cool cuts are making us all excited for the still ongoing fall season. Thus, we have scrolled through the online shop and found some really cool pieces that we want to share with you.

Neutral tones are so on trend this fall. Camel, beige, cream, cognac – the nuances to wear now are earthy and elegant. H&M does a lot of cool items in those colours including coats, pullovers and skirts (the snake print one is an absolute stunner!). Since neutrals couldn´t be more fall, we think it is time to get your hands on some of the pieces.


With these pieces you won´t ever feel blue, promise! Baby blue, indigo and navy were on the H&M designer´s minds and we can now find the cool toned pieces online. Blue is such a classic colour that goes with basically everything and we don´t have to mention that they also look chic with the above mentioned neutral colours.


The monochrome trend is big at the moment and we already told you how to rock this style. H&M is doing lots of grey items that qualify for the head-to-toe look. From very light to darker nuances - going grey is super easy, will save you lots of time in the morning and above all is an understatement per se.


It bears repeating. But patterns and prints are inevitable this season. From checks to leopard to flowers – go crazy and be brave enough to even combine them! The pieces that we found here are worth looking at and maybe they even make it into your closet (they really should).