For golden boys and girls!


At this moment, thousands of very stressed young students are going through their final exams or Matura, as they call it in the German-speaking countries. Graduation is only a few steps away! What a milestone! Graduation marks the end of childhood and teenage years and the beginning of adulthood.

After so much effort and hard work, it’s time to celebrate this important achievement! And nothing says “well done” better than a nice piece of jewellery.

Jewellery is timeless so, when well chosen, can be worn for the rest of their adult lives. A nice piece of jewellery is a worth-while investment. It will always be a reminder of the success achieved through their own effort, which will boost the confidence and motivation of these young adults but also, it is an accessory that will complete the outfits they will wear for University and later on, job interviews and any other special event.

For girls

There are so many options for girls. Since you want your present to be timeless, choose a piece of jewellery that is not too girly nor too trendy, because trends are constantly and rapidly changing, a classic design, on the other hand, will last forever. And if you want it to be even more personal, you can have it inscribed on the back with the date of the graduation or some meaningful message or favourite quote.

collage of jewellery ideas for a graduation gift for daughters


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For boys

For a boy entering adulthood, a good watch is a must. Since men don’t usually wear much jewellery, some beautiful watch or cufflinks will be the perfect gift to mark this milestone. Your young grad will be able to show up elegantly dressed for all interviews he will have in the future, and as we know, the first impressions are the most lasting. As for girl’s jewellery, choose a classic design, it is more elegant and he will be able to wear them throughout his entire life. You can also have the watch or cufflinks engraved.


collage with jewellery ideas for graduation present for boys

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