No sunburn, no smudging, no spliss!


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With every season comes a different beauty challenge. In winter it is dry skin and frizzy hair and in summer we struggle with sweat and high sun exposure. Since we are in the middle of summer and just imagining those 30 degrees already makes us perspire, it is always good to know some little tips and tricks (and obviously the right products) to get through the hottest time of the year. Without a smeared face, a major sunburn or brittle hair. If you don´t believe that this is actually possible, check out our favourite products!


Ok, this one is a no-brainer! Seriously though, if you haven´t used waterproof everything until now, you should really give it a try. It will most likely change your daily life in summer from smeary to fabulous. Promise!


Not all of us are blessed with skin that looks all bronzy and tanned after two hours in the sun. Some will stay pale ALL SUMMER LONG! That is when self tanning comes into play. The right lotion, a glove and a lot of accuracy will give you the expected results (without a sunburn or wrinkly skin at 35).


While any powdered products can start to look a little cakey in the summer heat, cream blushes will do their job just fine. Just easily work it into your skin with your fingers and it will last all day and give you a nice (non-sweaty) glow.


Oh, how we hate putting on sunscreen... sticky hands, the white leftovers and stained clothes are what make us stay inside rather than going out on a nice summer day. Sunscreen is necessary though and the great thing is that there is already a less messy solution: SPF sticks. They are convinient, easy to handle and feel great on the skin. A big YES from us!


If you thought your skin is the only thing you have to protect from the burning sun, we have to put you right. Your hair also needs a special treatment in summer. You should always apply a sun protection product before you head out and if your hair needs that extra moist, you may also want use someting afterwards. We mean, what is the use of those naturally blonde highlights you got, when you then have to chop them in fall, because they are damaged?