Come, see, listen and experience!


Title photo: campaign picture for the Berlin Fashion Week January 2019, image by Gregor Hohenberg in collaboration with stylist Daniel Sartore.

Berlin Fashion Week starts tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing the newest fashion trends and creations from talented designers. The over 30 fashion shows that are taking place, draw more than 70.000 fashion experts from all over the world. Apart from that, there will be some other pretty interesting events happening during the next four days. Especially tech and sustainability topics are big and fairs, conferences as well as showrooms addressing these make a great schedule. We´ve already looked into the events and want to give you a preview of the most interesting ones.


More and more people, including fashion designers, are starting to think about sustainability and the environment as part of their work. This year´s Fashionsustain conference will be all about water. We all know that the fashion industry is one of the least environmentally friendly industries - wasting and polluting water being a big part of - and starting to think differently and approaching change is more necessary than ever.


#Fashiontech Berlin is the leading C-level-tech conference in fashion. During Berlin Fashion Week this conference combines the tech with the fashion industry and innovative and revolutionary ideas are going to be discussed. Presentations, interactive classes and an exhibition area make this event a cool experience where people from different sectors can come together and network. 

By the way: those two events are part of Neonyt, a global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation which also includes other cool happenings like the Neonyt Trade Fair for instance.


Der Berliner Salon takes place for the ninth time this year and for the first time at a new location. The new venue, the St. Elisabeth Church is a mix of classical architecture and newer elements. The designer´s creations will be presented in this extraordinary location among other products as well as interior pieces. Also, the VOGUE Salon is part of this event. Founded by editor-in-chief Christiane Arp, it promotes young and aspiring designers. 


Premium is the international business and networking platform for advanced contemporary fashion. Showcasing around 1800 womenswear, menswear and lifestyle collections, buyers and press will for sure be kept busy at the event. 

If you are in Berlin these days, make sure to check out one or several of these inspiring events or inform yourself on the internet if you can´t make it to Germany´s capital.

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