What is it about that “Je ne sais quoi?”


Inés de La Fressange is the emodiment of French Lifestyle

Paris Fashion Week is on and there is for sure a lot to come. First of all, we are waiting eagerly for Hedi Slimane´s debut for Celine (still without the é, sorry) on Friday. He has already released some sneak peeks here and there and by deleting all the previous posts from Celine´s Instagram he made it quite clear that he doesn´t want to continue with Phoebe Philo´s aesthetics. To all her proponents: be strong!

Second off, there is a new member (however just onetime) in the Paris Fashion Crew. Gucci continued its tribute to France by presenting its Spring/Summer 2019 collection in the French capital at the legendary club Le Palace in Montmartre yesterday evening. Paris is given a lot of weight when even the Florence based fashion house decides to move its show there.

But it´s not just the French capital and the exciting events that are taking place there that are hyped by so many. It is the lifestyle that we are all after - the French woman´s way of eating, her style or the places she goes to gets her nails done (if she even does, because actually she doesn´t care).
But what is it exactly that makes us so obsessed with them? Why are we so desperately looking for that “je ne sais quoi” that they seem to have? Aren´t the British girls with their intellectual and preppy style or the Italian ones living “la dolce vita” equally interesting? Obviously not…
Don´t get us wrong, we will probably never get enough of the French, their style and their way of life, just how it is praised these days makes us feel a bit sick of it.



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There are books and articles about every single topic regarding the #frenchgirl`s existence like you wouldn´t believe. It appears that this form of experiencing and living life, which for the French is the most natural thing, became a trend, not even to say a brand. We mean, it would be stupid not to promote it, right? A croissant here, a striped shirt and a vintage Chanel bag there – it is appealing and something that a lot of people want to accomplish. Considering the fact though that French and especially Parisian women never try to convince anybody of something they are clearly not and they also don´t sell themselves and their way of living, the whole “I am going to become French”-thing seems a little insincere now, doesn´t it? 



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In fact, it is the generation of Inés de La Fressange or Brigitte Bardot who are authentic and show us what being French actually means: living life in a simple, but chic manner without feeling the need to brag about it or telling everyone to do so as well. You see, there is a fine line between the genuinely lived French life and just selling an idea of something that is or sounds cool at the moment. Or did you really think that “How to be Parisian wherever you are” was funny or enlightening? Well, neither did we… 
It is the in your face “I am French and too cool for everything” attitude that is promoted on Instagram and the rest of the internet that seems quite stereotype to us.

So, let´s not focus on becoming something or someone specific when we can get inspiration from so many different sources or actually embrace ourselves and our unique features.

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